A Ceremony of Love, Wedding Minister

Nancy Turner,
Wedding Minister

After creating the
perfect vows to share
before your family and
guests I will be honored
to perform your
wedding ceremony
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Nancy Turner,
Wedding Officiant
Discussion Topics
Getting married is one of the most exciting times in your life;
it’s also a time to be thinking clearly. Before you marry there are a number of
questions you should discuss with your future spouse.
Honest communication is the key to any successful marriage and although
opinions and positions are likely to change through the years, it is wise
to understand your partner’s beliefs before you walk down the aisle.  
Some of the most important premarital questions center on
personal values, career & finances, and child rearing.
  • When you have a conflict, are you able to resolve it?
  • Does your partner make you happy?
  • Is there anything about your partner that you wish they would change?
  • Are your religious/spiritual beliefs compatible?
  • Can you ‘agree to disagree’ on subjects that don’t require solidarity?
  • How will career, children & housework be divided after marriage?
  • How much time will you each spend with your own friends and family?
  • Are you and your partner, able to talk about sex comfortably?
Career and
monetary stability
play a key role in
your relationship.

It’s essential to
discuss your
career intentions
as well as your
financial beliefs
and goals.
  • Do you give priority to your family when making future decisions/goals?
  • Do you have a financial plan?
  • Do you want to combine your finances?
  • Do you carry debt?
  • How will you blend your medical insurance?
  • Who will make and keep the family budget?
  • Are there savings, investments and retirement plans?
  • Where will you live after retirement?
  • Have you made a will?
Children play a fundamental
role in many families.
Couples can have very
different opinions on whether
or not to have children: their
own, by adoption, or by
blending current families.  
Having a clear idea of where
you stand on this matter can
save you from heartache
later in the relationship.  
  • Do you want to have children?
  • How much of your daily time will you give to your children?
  • How will you encourage them to meet their full potential,
    educationally and socially?
  • What are your beliefs around discipline and can you agree on
    ground rules and stick to them?
  • How do you stand on chores for the children?
  • Are allowances given as rewards or as learning tools?
  • What are the living arrangements for blended families and
    custody agreements?