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In the glow of the forest,
in the shadows of the trees,
in the fullness of nature,
you offer yourselves to each other as
husband and wife.

May you continue to change,
constantly grow
and never cease to invigorate the
living thing
that is your love
while you reach for the skies.
May you have communication,
intellectual growth and wisdom.
May you have harmony, vitality,
creativity and passion.
May you have friendship, intuition, caring,
understanding and love.
May you have tenderness, happiness,
and sensuality.
As the sea is eternal, so is your love.  As the
wind is all encompassing,
so is your love.  
As the earth is solid beneath your feet, so is
your love.  
Dear friends
you are the sea and the land.  
It is not your purpose
to become each other,
but rather to recognize each other
and learn to see and honor each other for
what you are:
each other's opposite
and complement!
We meet by the sea,
so that you may become one
by the border of this constant
and unlimited force.  
As these waters are limitless,
flowing and ever changing,
so is your love.  
May your love hold within it
the essence of life.
In pledging your lives and love
to one another,
for all the days that remain to you, you
acknowledge the changes
in your existence, and celebrate
your commitment to a strong,
aware relationship.  
May your love touch and enrich
all those with whom
you come in contact,
as these waters touch and nourish
the many shores of the Earth!
Forest view in Nevada City, CA
Blue-green lake or ocean side view

Nancy Turner,
Wedding Minister
A Ceremony of Love

After creating the perfect
vows to share before your
family and guests I will
be honored to perform
your wedding ceremony
A Ceremony of Love, Wedding Minister

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Nancy Turner,
Wedding Officiant
Four Directions Ceremony

 As we stand here on this sacred Earth, we call upon the
Four Directions to bless this union.
 We call upon the East, the spiritual door that is now
opening.  The East, the place of clarity and illumination, is
the Golden Door that leads to all other levels of awareness
and understanding.  It is where the Sun greets us each
morning, allowing us to see beyond the mundane, leading
us to the freedom of true knowing.  May this marriage be
blessed with clarity and understanding.
 We call upon the South, where truth and innocence reside.  
The South, the place of harmony,synchronicity and trust,  
allows creativity in its myriad forms to manifest.  It is
where we discover the many talents, gifts, and abilities that
are given to us as gifts, and it is through the harmonious
and playful use of these talents that we co-create a better
world.  May this marriage be blessed with childlike wonder
and spontaneity.
 We call upon the West, the home of introspection, where
life is nurtured and given birth.  What Future holds is in the
West, the place of our tomorrows.  It it through
understanding that we are one with all beings that allows
us to look within for the answers.  This Wisdom of the West
calls us to Enter the Silence to look at our present goals,
discern how they affect the future, then pursue them with
courage and inner strength.  May  this marriage be blessed
with the wisdom of introspection.
 We call upon the North, the place of the Elders, gratitude
and healing.  It is the North that fosters the ability to listen
and develop the wisdom of forgiveness, humility, and
gratitude for the beauty of Great Mystery's perfect plan.  It
is a place of profound acceptance of differences, a place
where secrets cease to exist.  May this marriage be blessed
with deep wisdom and unconditional acceptance.
Unity Candle

This wedding today is the official
blending of two families, separate up
to this moment, but united from this
day forward – strengthening their
family tree.
_____ and _____ wish to honor this
blending of the families by lighting a
unity candle.
(Both light Unity Candle from tapers, a
poem, reading or music may occur
Thank you _____ and _____ for joining
the _____ and _____ families in unity.


(After the minister reads the statement below,
pour two containers of sand into a third, wide-
mouthed, container simultaneously)   

_____ and _____, today you join your separate
lives together. The two separate bottles of sand
symbolize your separate lives, separate families
and separate sets of friends. They represent all
that you are and all that you’ll ever be as an
individual. They also represent your lives
before today.
As these two containers of sand are poured into
the third container, the individual containers of
sand will no longer exist, but will be joined
together as one.
Just as these grains of sand can never be
separated and poured again into the individual
containers, so will your marriage be.
The years of our lives are as a cup of wine,
poured out for us to drink.
As grapes when they are pressed
give forth their juices for the wine,
so under the winepress of time,
our lives give forth their labor, their honor, their love.
_____ and _____, often in the days to come
you will sit at the same table and break bread together.
Drink now, and may the cup of your lives
be sweet and full to running over.
As you have shared from this one cup of wine,
so may you draw contentment, comfort,
and delight from the cup of life.
May you find life's joys heightened,
its bitterness sweetened, and all things hallowed,
by your companionship and love.
We are the music makers,
And we are
the dreamers of dreams.
Not only is this the day that _____ & _____ come
together as a couple, it is also a day in which a family
bond is formed, uniting _____ with _____, and her/his
son/daughter, _____.
_____, as a symbol of your declaration of love and best
intentions for _____, you have a gift of a _____, to
forever remind each of you of the bond of love between
you and the promise you make today.
_____, you may place the _____ on _____, while
repeating after me:
“_____, this _____ is my promise to listen to you
to learn from you eagerly, to teach you humbly, to love
you wholeheartedly, and to share life with you, as my
own son/daughter.


Let go of any anxieties and remember the truth:
That this is a world filled with beauty, that your lives are filled with
possibilities, while your dreams are being born, nurtured and fulfilled.
Sometimes there are challenges and sorrow,
but greater is your love and joy.
The future may be uncertain, but that means
that there is no limit as to how beautiful, joyful and successful you can make it.
Any anxiety you may have about the future
is only an illusion.  Let it go.  
Let if fade away as the beauty and perfection
of right now washes over you.
The best thing you can do for the future
is to live with everything you have in the present.
What you have together, right now,
is completely as it should be.
It is your time to live.
Right now, you are creating real,
lasting and positive values for your world.
You are following your heart.
Breathe in the beauty and love that is around you.  
It is your gift.  It is your good fortune.  
It is yours to live, to experience and to fulfill.  
Right now.
Nancy Turner, Wedding Minister